Halloween 6: The Producer's Cut
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Eventually released as Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, this movie is perhaps the most-famous, commercially-unavailable film ever made and includes 43 Minutes of Alternate Footage!

A wonderfully-detailed, franchise-encompassing script that explored the source of Michael Myers’ powers succumbed to disagreements between the studio, Director and Producer over everything from the music score, dailies and release date, to casting choices, length and the 3rd act.

Following the real-life passing of Donald Pleasence (Dr. Samuel Loomis), a substantial amount of the flick was completely re-shot, resulting in a very different (and as far as most fans are concerned, considerably worse) version being released.

Features & Specs:

  • Essay on “Thorn”
  • Cast Filmographies
  • Multiple Movie Trailers
  • Special Effects Featurette
  • English & Spanish Subtitles
  • Re-mastered Audio & Video
  • An Entirely Different Ending
  • Halloween 6: The Making Of
  • 43 Minutes of Alternate Footage
  • Different (and Better) Music Score
  • Candid, Behind the Scenes Footage
  • Entertainment Tonight Special, Feature Segment
  • A Death Scene Changed to Avoid an NC-17 Rating
  • Alternate Opening Narration by Donald Pleasence
  • There are Even More Special Features than I Have Listed Here!
  • Rare, Early, Sneak Preview (briefly shown in theaters) that presents the film as: Halloween 6: The Origin of Michael Myers

Rating: *****

  • Horror, Slasher, Movie:

Halloween 6: The Producer's Cut

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